Send cheaper and faster cross border payments without any hassle using EURC.

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Send Cross Border Payments

EURC is a fiat-asset backed stablecoin pegged to the Euro fiat currency. Start sending cross border payments using EURC with these simple steps

Get Verified

Download the app to verify your identity.


Add Euro funds to your account to buy EURC.


Send EURC for delivery in supported fiat currencies. Recipient receives local currency to bank accounts, wallets and other supported payment delivery methods.

Start sending cross border payments

MYKOBO is available on Android and iOS

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EURC is an asset backed stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the Euro fiat currency.

Deposit Euro

In order to issue EURC the equivalent amount of the Euro fiat currency should be deposited to your EURC wallet.

EURC Wallet

With EURC in your wallet you can send cross border payments and also trade in cryptocurrencies.

Read the whitepaper to find out more about EURC